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1.5V “AA” Energizer® e2 Lithium Batteries (8-Pack)


In stock
High-energy batteries for high-drain devices. These Energizer® "AA" e2 lithium batteries last longer than alkaline. They are ideal for CD players,... More

Dantona® 27A 12V/20mAh Alkaline Battery


In stock
Juice 'em up. Use this Dantona battery in your electronic device that uses a 12V 27A alkaline battery. It fits many remote controls and other... More

Dantona® 9V/38mAh Alkaline Remote Control Battery


In stock
Remote power. Use this 9V/38mAh battery in your remote control or your electronics hobby projects. Delivers 9 volts with a capacity of 38mAh... More

Dantona® ALK-11A 6V/38mAh Alkaline Remote Control Battery


In stock
Open sesame. Use this battery as a replacement battery in many remote control devices. It replaces Duracell MN11, Eveready E11A, Gold Peak GP-11A, 11A... More

Dantona® ALK-25A 9V/18mAh Alkaline Specialty Battery


In stock
New juice. This 9V alkaline battery fits many electronic applications including pet collars, pagers, remotes and more. Fits many electronic... More

Dantona® TR175A 7.5V/110mAh Alkaline Specialty Battery


In stock
Talk cleanly. Use this battery in your RadioShack 21-1175 noise-canceling handheld CB microphone or any other device requiring 7.5 volts and up to... More

Enercell® "9V" Alkaline Batteries (4-Pack)

CODE: 23-866

In stock
Power when you need it. Power your portables with this Enercell 9V alkaline battery. It fits many clock radios as a backup battery and many smoke... More

Enercell® "9V" Alkaline Battery

CODE: 23-853

In stock
Keep the station tuned. This Enercell alkaline 9V battery is great for portable radios or other electronic hobbies. 9V alkaline battery for... More

Enercell® "AA" Alkaline Batteries (18-Pack)

CODE: 23-858

In stock
A pack of power. Stock up on "AA" alkaline batteries with this Enercell 18-pack. Never run out of the batteries you use most. 18-pack Enercell... More

Enercell® "AA" Alkaline Batteries (36-Pack)

CODE: 23-225

In stock
Stock up. Stop borrowing the batteries from one device to power another. This handy 36-pack of Enercell "AA" alkaline batteries solves that problem... More